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We are developing innovative chemical and structural biology strategies to contribute to a detailed atomic and molecular level characterization of amyloid-β (Aβ) oligomers. We expect this information to be critical to establish the basis for the development of rational — and therefore potentially successful — therapeutic strategies through which Alzheimer´s disease can be prevented or cured.

Our latest


Our latest


Repeated tau-PET brain scans confirm amyloid plaques as a prerequisite for tangle expansion in most people. #Alzforum https://t.co/j77YWgqFCD

Many congrats to @Eduard_puig from @carullalab on winning the student talk prize @nativemsoxford1 - tremendous work combining different approaches to study Abeta associations

Today is #AlzheimersDay and we keep on working to contribute to understand better this disease #DiaMundialdelAlzheimer

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